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Rosa's love life by vixengal01
Rosa's love life
yes more Cyborg arts! but this time it was from a watcher, they asked who Rosa has gotten involved with from cyborg 009 to 009-1. So i though I'd do this little idea, i have someone else I'm gonna add in there too but heres what i have so far.
top left - Adam (Apollo)
Her fiance before they were attacked and captured by Black Ghost. 
top right - Jet (002)
The closest person she has meet during the war against Black Ghost. Jet has been protective and caring towards her even when she was giving him a hard time, eventually they admit there developed love for each other.
To Add - Albert (004)
Yes surprisingly enough, Albert and Rosa become close sometime after the fight against Black Ghost just before the God Wars. Jet and Rosa ended up in a huge argument which ended there relationship, soon after Albert comes in the picture, after comforting her and visiting her fashion shows regularly she starts to develop feelings to his kindness and charm. There bond is short lived during the God Wars when Jet apologizes and begs for Rosa's forgiveness, in the end Albert forgives Rosa's emotions and Rosa becomes smitten with Jet again.
bottom left- Mars
Mars sadly to Rosa's eyes from the start was a void filler, she only was close towards him due to his similar looks to Jet. Eventually she opens up her heart to Mars and falls in love with him, being Rosa's partner in Intelligence Mars and Rosa become a perfect team. Mars lose's his life in episode 4 while Rosa see's the whole thing was hard for her she felt anyone she gets emotionally close to by then ends up hurt or dead.
bottom right - Jet (Agent 2)
My design for Jet in 009-1 i did my best to keep it original and not too similar to Mars but i kinda like the goatee and the scar of where his bionic eye is located.
Jet is a high ranked Agent for Western Bloc, also Rosa's Rival when she didn't realize whom it was at the start. Jet was taken by the other Bloc and modified to become an ultimate weapon, they removed parts of his memory so he has no clue who Rosa is and why she knows so much about him, they encounter multiple times in certain jobs with Rosa evading death each time. One battle Rosa manages to knock him down which flung his helmet off which reveled his face, stuck in shock she couldn't move to attack, once 9-1 (Mylene) starts the self destruct of the Dome a concrete falls from the quakes and lands on Rosa's leg. Unable to move despite her healing ability the stone was too heavy to move Jet begins to leave her there to die then hears her yell his name. She begins to lose hope but quickly gets rescued and carried by Jet out of the Dome. She attempts to thank him he sterns and says "Don't think this is some truce doll, next time we meet I will kill you", after that point Jet attempts to meet her multiple times to discuss with her about his past and why she shows so much about it.

excited to add more images and info :)
stay tuned~
Madam X_pose's by vixengal01
Madam X_pose's
Felt like drawing Agent X Rosa, in various poses and also in her full body Agent outfit :)
the top left image is representing her being awaken from cryogenic tank, the top right i dunno maybe she was in the middle of getting dressed and someone walked in without knocking. Lower right is of her relaxing after a mission, thinking deeply on her past.
Rosa Squishy Face by vixengal01
Rosa Squishy Face
A sketch i did at work, I posted it on Instagram but i enjoy this one sooo much, definitely a different Jet style than I normally draw, but i really enjoy the emotions in there faces. Ill def be adding color to this some time in the future <3
My Babz by vixengal01
My Babz
A lovely art piece my friend :iconwhite-sandman-dreams: drew for me <3 had nothing but joy in my heart, wanted to share her lovely art to you all
140 years later by vixengal01
140 years later
I just watched the 009-1 episodes, and i adore it the story and characters etc very deep, yet sad its so short of episodes. I'm unsure if this is related or continuation of cyborg 009 but i feel in my universe that it can be ;p
As you all know Rosa La Duca being a cyborg soldier created by Black Ghost, after the fight against Black Ghost and the war against Himiko (Gods War) peace seemed to of eased in the Cyborgs lives. Rosa and Jet got to spend time together that they wished enjoying there company and the calm lifestyle there living.
Unfortunately what Black Ghost said of Evil in every living being seemed to of surfaced a new war, The cold war started to come just 2 years after there last battle.
Rosa and Jet were just doing grocery shopping in the street markets of Venice, seemed like another lovely day until a sudden gun shot came out of no-where and seeing Jet collapse on the pavement, Rosa went into a standstill of fear having flashbacks of what happened to her previous love, she turns to see soldiers in suits attack her with no warning.
After she woke up she finds out it has been at least 130 years and that she was rescued by the Western Bloc Intelligence Organization, modified into a new cybernetic soldier. Her heart had become cold and her trust was completely gone the only thing that keep her clean justice was her belief that Jet was out there still alive, and she was gonna assist the Western Bloc to find him. Her loss of Jet aswel as being thrown back into war made her tough as stone at heart, only her well being mattered unless she was assigned to rescue or protect a person. She respects 009-1 (Mylene Hoffman) and believes that she is the mirror of the women that Rosa use to be, minus the amount of sex. over the next 10 years from the physical age of 21 to 31, her maturity has grown and she hasn't stayed as cold as she use to be when she woke 10 years back. She feels that Western Bloc is no different than the Eastern Bloc but still works along side them because she feels she gains more information and intelligence through them. Labeled as one of the most skilled and dangerous agent in the Organization she is only sent out to High Risk missions or if asked by the client for protection, Her upgrades in her body has made her more lethal than ever.
- a Machine gun in her right hand that can change to a shotgun when hand is removed.
- Acceleration Speed, has the power to switch it on subconsciously at will.
- Combat specialist (Assassination)
- Healing ability
- High reaction senses
- Earring communicators
Her code name is Agent X or Lady X,
She does odd missions with her agent partner of 3 years Mars, whom is the only person Rosa has been close to, main reason is his close resemblance to Jet so she feels a sense of comfort with him. She also enjoys his charming chivalry and brilliant teamwork, her emotions went off when she started to fall for him, was scared because of her past and also her confusion of Jet. After confirming to him she does enjoy his company yet to still keep there relationship on a professional level after spending a romantic evening together from there mission of Dr.Satonaka rescue her goal of finding Jet seemed to become nothing but a memory. Unfortunately 3 years in there partnership she endure's another loss when in EP.4 Mars gets murdered by Dr.Satonaka himself from a gullotine, She forgets Mars quickly and then clears her mind back on her once forgotten goal. Focusing on herself and her goal she currently doesn't accept any new partners to replace Mars and works on her own in missions.

character@ vixengal01
009-1@ Ishinomori


New Zealand
Ok My name is Maria Bianca Valentic
and i am a Dipstick...lmao i think?
ok im just an ordanary teen who loves to draw anime, anthro and dragons and also loves to make a fool of myself in front of my friends ^-^

Current Residence: New Zealand
Favourite genre of music: All types of Metal, All types of Rock and Rave type music
Favourite style of art: Cartoony or Detailed Manga style
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: iPod nano
Wallpaper of choice: Joker or Dragons
Favourite cartoon character: Jet Link
Personal Quote: Do not drink, it is bad for you ^-^


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