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Rosa's love life by vixengal01
Rosa's love life
Yes more Cyborg arts! But this time it was from a watcher, they asked who Rosa has gotten involved with from cyborg 009 to 009-1. So i though I'd do this little idea.

Top left - Adam (Apollo)
Her fiance before they were attacked and captured by Black Ghost. 

Top right - Jet (002)
The closest person she has met during the war against Black Ghost. Jet has been protective and caring towards her even when she is giving him a hard time, eventually at Ep.43 Old Friends Jet admits his feelings to her and they end up being together as a couple, but still keep it at a subtle level.

Middle - Albert (004)
Yes surprisingly enough, Albert and Rosa become close sometime after the fight against Black Ghost just before the God Wars. Jet and Rosa ended up in a huge argument which ended there relationship, soon after Albert comes in the picture, after comforting her and visiting her fashion shows regularly she starts to develop feelings to his kindness and charm. There bond is short lived during the God Wars when Jet apologizes while Rosa was fatally injured, in the end Albert forgives Rosa's emotions and Rosa becomes smitten with Jet again.

Bottom left- Mars
Mars sadly to Rosa's eyes from the start was a void filler, she only was close towards him due to his similar looks to Jet. Eventually she opens up her heart to Mars and falls in love with him, being Rosa's partner in Intelligence Mars and Rosa become a perfect team. Mars lose's his life in episode 4, while Rosa saw the whole thing it was hard for her. She felt anyone she gets emotionally close to by then ends up hurt or dead.

Bottom right - Jet (Agent 2)
My design for Jet in 009-1 i did my best to keep it original and not too similar to Mars but i kinda like the goatee and the scar of where his bionic eye is located.
Jet is a high ranked Agent for Western Bloc, also Rosa's Rival when she didn't realize whom it was at the start. Jet was taken by the other Bloc and modified to become an ultimate weapon, they removed parts of his memory so he has no clue who Rosa or why she knows so much about him, they encounter multiple times in certain jobs with Rosa evading death each time. One battle Rosa manages to knock him down which flung his helmet off, it revealed his face, stuck in shock she couldn't move to attack. Once 009-1 (Mylene) starts the self destruct of the Dome a large chunk of concrete falls from the quakes and lands right on Rosa's leg. Unable to move despite her healing ability the stone was too heavy for her to move. Jet begins to leave her there to die then hears her yell his name.She gets a surprise when he helps her get out of the rubble, he rescues her and is carried by Jet out of the Dome. She attempts to thank him he sterns and says "Don't think this is some truce woman, next time we meet I will kill you", after that point Jet meets her multiple times but not to fight, but to discuss with her about why she nows who he is.

sketching out the outfits for Mars and Agent 2 (Jet)
stay tuned~
Kaiji_Fancharacter_Sakimi-Chan by vixengal01
Been watching an anime called Kaiji, its about a young male named Ito Kaiji whom gets himself is deep debt issues, so he is put through life threatening obstacles to gain winning prize, watched all 2 seasons of it, and my god it put me on edge, an as usual me involving myself in an anime/show that i enjoy, I designed a character
Name: Sakimi Kawasaki
Age: 19
Bio: A young shy type, enjoys shopping, picnics and being around Kaiji-Sama. Sakimi-Chan lives with her ill mother but due to lack of funds its become a huge struggle for a minimum wage student to help pay off her mothers operation. She ends up as a waitress/dancer at Ichigo's illegal Casino, feeling low in confidence to continue on this work, she felt inspired and overwhelmed when she meet Kaiji. Having developed a crush for him she offers to help assist Kaiji and Sakazaki towards winning against The Bog at the Casino.
Sparky Hang Badge by vixengal01
Sparky Hang Badge
Got an interesting commission off my close friend/cuddlepup   sparkycom
I had alot of fun doing this, the pose and drawing her drake Sparky <3 soooo much Greeeeen~

Romance in the Sky by vixengal01
Romance in the Sky
Really enjoyed this sketch i did, practice with style, perspective and angles. I hope to give it color soon <3
But yea, Rosa an Jet expressing there love while flying high above the sky.


New Zealand
Ok My name is Maria Bianca Valentic
and i am a Dipstick...lmao i think?
ok im just an ordanary teen who loves to draw anime, anthro and dragons and also loves to make a fool of myself in front of my friends ^-^

Current Residence: New Zealand
Favourite genre of music: All types of Metal, All types of Rock and Rave type music
Favourite style of art: Cartoony or Detailed Manga style
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: iPod nano
Wallpaper of choice: Joker or Dragons
Favourite cartoon character: Jet Link
Personal Quote: Do not drink, it is bad for you ^-^


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